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Meta-data properties

Meta-data properties. More...


#define SVN_PROP_TEXT_TIME   SVN_PROP_PREFIX "text-time"
 The files' last modification time. More...
 The files' owner. More...
 The files' group. More...
#define SVN_PROP_UNIX_MODE   SVN_PROP_PREFIX "unix-mode"
 The files' unix-mode. More...

Detailed Description

Meta-data properties.

The following properties are used for storing meta-data about individual entries in the meta-data branches of subversion, see issue #1256 or browseable at . Furthermore svntar ( and FSVS ( use these, too.

Please note that these formats are very UNIX-centric currently; a bit of discussion about Windows can be read at

Macro Definition Documentation


The files' group.

The same format as for SVN_PROP_OWNER, the owner-property.

Definition at line 489 of file svn_props.h.


The files' owner.

Stored as numeric ID, optionally followed by whitespace and the string: "1000 pmarek". Parsers should accept any number of whitespace, and writers should put exactly a single space.

Definition at line 485 of file svn_props.h.

#define SVN_PROP_TEXT_TIME   SVN_PROP_PREFIX "text-time"

The files' last modification time.

This is stored as string in the form "2008-08-07T07:38:51.008782Z", to be converted by the functions svn_time_to_cstring() and svn_time_from_cstring().

Definition at line 479 of file svn_props.h.

#define SVN_PROP_UNIX_MODE   SVN_PROP_PREFIX "unix-mode"

The files' unix-mode.

Stored in octal, with a leading 0; may have 5 digits if any of setuid, setgid or sticky are set; an example is "0644".

Definition at line 494 of file svn_props.h.