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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCsvn_auth_cred_simple_tSVN_AUTH_CRED_SIMPLE credentials
oCsvn_auth_cred_ssl_client_cert_pw_tSVN_AUTH_CRED_SSL_CLIENT_CERT_PW credentials
oCsvn_auth_cred_ssl_client_cert_tSVN_AUTH_CRED_SSL_CLIENT_CERT credentials
oCsvn_auth_cred_ssl_server_trust_tSVN_AUTH_CRED_SSL_SERVER_TRUST credentials
oCsvn_auth_cred_username_tSVN_AUTH_CRED_USERNAME credentials
oCsvn_auth_provider_object_tA provider object, ready to be put into an array and given to svn_auth_open()
oCsvn_auth_provider_tThe main authentication "provider" vtable
oCsvn_auth_ssl_server_cert_info_tSSL server certificate information used by SVN_AUTH_CRED_SSL_SERVER_TRUST providers
oCsvn_cache_config_tCache resource settings
oCsvn_checksum_tA generic checksum representation
oCsvn_client_commit_info_tInformation about commits passed back to client from this module
oCsvn_client_commit_item2_tThe commit candidate structure
oCsvn_client_commit_item3_tThe commit candidate structure
oCsvn_client_commit_item_tThe commit candidate structure
oCsvn_client_copy_source_tA structure which describes the source of a copy operation–its path, revision, and peg revision
oCsvn_client_ctx_tA client context structure, which holds client specific callbacks, batons, serves as a cache for configuration options, and other various and sundry things
oCsvn_client_diff_summarize_tA struct that describes the diff of an item
oCsvn_client_info2_tA structure which describes various system-generated metadata about a working-copy path or URL
oCsvn_client_proplist_item_tThis is a structure which stores a filename and a hash of property names and values
oCsvn_client_status_tStructure for holding the "status" of a working copy item
oCsvn_cmdline_prompt_baton2_tA prompt function/baton pair, and the path to the configuration directory
oCsvn_cmdline_prompt_baton_tLike svn_cmdline_prompt_baton2_t, but without the path to the configuration directory
oCsvn_commit_info_tAll information about a commit
oCsvn_delta_editor_tA structure full of callback functions the delta source will invoke as it produces the delta
oCsvn_diff_file_options_tOptions to control the behaviour of the file diff routines
oCsvn_diff_fns2_tA vtable for reading data from the three datasources
oCsvn_diff_fns_tLike svn_diff_fns2_t except with datasource_open() instead of datasources_open()
oCsvn_diff_output_fns_tA vtable for displaying (or consuming) differences between datasources
oCsvn_dirent_tA general subversion directory entry
oCsvn_error_tSubversion error object
oCsvn_fs_dirent_tThe type of a Subversion directory entry
oCsvn_fs_fsfs_info_tA structure that provides some information about a filesystem
oCsvn_fs_fsx_info_tA structure that provides some information about a filesystem
oCsvn_fs_path_change2_tChange descriptor
oCsvn_fs_path_change_tSimilar to svn_fs_path_change2_t, but without kind and copyfrom information
oCsvn_info_tA structure which describes various system-generated metadata about a working-copy path or URL
oCsvn_io_dirent2_tA set of directory entry data elements as returned by svn_io_get_dirents
oCsvn_io_dirent_tRepresents the kind and special status of a directory entry
oCsvn_location_segment_tA representation of a segment of an object's version history with an emphasis on the object's location in the repository as of various revisions
oCsvn_lock_tA lock object, for client & server to share
oCsvn_log_changed_path2_tA structure to represent a path that changed for a log entry
oCsvn_log_changed_path_tA structure to represent a path that changed for a log entry
oCsvn_log_entry_tA structure to represent all the information about a particular log entry
oCsvn_merge_range_tMergeinfo representing a merge of a range of revisions
oCsvn_opt_revision_range_tA revision range, specified in one of svn_opt_revision_kind ways
oCsvn_opt_revision_tA revision, specified in one of svn_opt_revision_kind ways
oCsvn_opt_revision_value_tA revision value, which can be specified as a number or a date
oCsvn_opt_subcommand_desc2_tOne element of a subcommand dispatch table
oCsvn_opt_subcommand_desc_tOne element of a subcommand dispatch table
oCsvn_patch_tData type to manage parsing of patches
oCsvn_prop_inherited_item_tA structure to represent inherited properties
oCsvn_prop_patch_tData type to manage parsing of properties in patches
oCsvn_prop_tA general in-memory representation of a single property
oCsvn_ra_callbacks2_tA collection of callbacks implemented by libsvn_client which allows an RA layer to "pull" information from the client application, or possibly store information
oCsvn_ra_callbacks_tSimilar to svn_ra_callbacks2_t, except that the progress notification function and baton is missing
oCsvn_ra_plugin_tUsing this callback struct is similar to calling the newer public interface that is based on svn_ra_session_t
oCsvn_ra_reporter2_tSimilar to svn_ra_reporter3_t, but without support for depths
oCsvn_ra_reporter3_tThe update Reporter
oCsvn_ra_reporter_tSimilar to svn_ra_reporter2_t, but without support for lock tokens
oCsvn_ra_svn_cmd_entry_tCommand table, used by svn_ra_svn_handle_commands()
oCsvn_ra_svn_item_tMemory representation of an on-the-wire data item
oCsvn_repos_node_tA node in the repository
oCsvn_repos_notify_tStructure used by svn_repos_notify_func_t
oCsvn_repos_parse_fns2_tA vtable that is driven by svn_repos_parse_dumpstream2()
oCsvn_repos_parse_fns3_tA vtable that is driven by svn_repos_parse_dumpstream3()
oCsvn_repos_parse_fns_tA vtable that is driven by svn_repos_parse_dumpstream()
oCsvn_string_tA simple counted string
oCsvn_stringbuf_tA buffered string, capable of appending without an allocation and copy for each append
oCsvn_subst_keywords_tValues used in keyword expansion
oCsvn_txdelta_op_tA single text delta instruction
oCsvn_txdelta_window_tAn svn_txdelta_window_t object describes how to reconstruct a contiguous section of the target string (the "target view") using a specified contiguous region of the source string (the "source view")
oCsvn_version_checklist_tAn entry in the compatibility checklist
oCsvn_version_ext_linked_lib_tDependent library information
oCsvn_version_ext_loaded_lib_tLoaded shared library information
oCsvn_version_tVersion information
oCsvn_wc_conflict_description2_tA struct that describes a conflict that has occurred in the working copy
oCsvn_wc_conflict_description_tSimilar to svn_wc_conflict_description2_t, but with relative paths and adm_access batons
oCsvn_wc_conflict_result_tThe final result returned by svn_wc_conflict_resolver_func_t
oCsvn_wc_conflict_version_tInfo about one of the conflicting versions of a node
oCsvn_wc_diff_callbacks2_tSimilar to svn_wc_diff_callbacks3_t, but without the dir_opened and dir_closed functions, and without the tree_conflicted argument to the functions
oCsvn_wc_diff_callbacks3_tSimilar to svn_wc_diff_callbacks4_t, but without copyfrom_path and copyfrom_revision arguments to file_added and dir_added functions
oCsvn_wc_diff_callbacks4_tA callback vtable invoked by our diff-editors, as they receive diffs from the server
oCsvn_wc_diff_callbacks_tSimilar to svn_wc_diff_callbacks2_t, but with file additions/content changes and property changes split into different functions
oCsvn_wc_entry_callbacks2_tA callback vtable invoked by the generic entry-walker function
oCsvn_wc_entry_tA working copy entry – that is, revision control information about one versioned entity
oCsvn_wc_external_item2_tOne external item
oCsvn_wc_external_item_tOne external item
oCsvn_wc_info_tThis struct contains information about a working copy node
oCsvn_wc_notify_tStructure used in the svn_wc_notify_func2_t function
oCsvn_wc_revision_status_tA structure to report a summary of a working copy, including the mix of revisions found within it, whether any parts are switched or locally modified, and whether it is a sparse checkout

All diffs are not yet known.

oCsvn_wc_status3_tStructure for holding the "status" of a working copy item
\Csvn_wc_status_tSame as svn_wc_status2_t, but without the svn_lock_t 'repos_lock', const char 'url', svn_revnum_t 'ood_last_cmt_rev', apr_time_t 'ood_last_cmt_date', svn_node_kind_t 'ood_kind', const char 'ood_last_cmt_author', svn_wc_conflict_description_t 'tree_conflict', svn_boolean_t 'file_external', svn_wc_status_kind 'pristine_text_status', and svn_wc_status_kind 'pristine_prop_status' fields