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svn_base64.h File Reference

Base64 encoding and decoding functions. More...

#include <apr_pools.h>
#include "svn_types.h"
#include "svn_io.h"
#include "svn_string.h"

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svn_stream_tsvn_base64_encode (svn_stream_t *output, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Return a writable generic stream which will encode binary data in base64 format and write the encoded data to output. More...
svn_stream_tsvn_base64_decode (svn_stream_t *output, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Return a writable generic stream which will decode base64-encoded data and write the decoded data to output. More...
const svn_string_tsvn_base64_encode_string2 (const svn_string_t *str, svn_boolean_t break_lines, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Encode an svn_stringbuf_t into base64. More...
const svn_string_tsvn_base64_encode_string (const svn_string_t *str, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Same as svn_base64_encode_string2, but with break_lines always TRUE. More...
const svn_string_tsvn_base64_decode_string (const svn_string_t *str, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Decode an svn_stringbuf_t from base64. More...
svn_stringbuf_tsvn_base64_from_md5 (unsigned char digest[], apr_pool_t *pool)
 Return a base64-encoded checksum for finalized digest. More...

Detailed Description

Base64 encoding and decoding functions.

Definition in file svn_base64.h.