Subversion 1.6.16
Data Fields

svn_client_diff_summarize_t Struct Reference

A struct that describes the diff of an item. More...

#include <svn_client.h>

Data Fields

const char * path
 Path relative to the target.
svn_client_diff_summarize_kind_t summarize_kind
 Change kind.
svn_boolean_t prop_changed
 Properties changed?
svn_node_kind_t node_kind
 File or dir.

Detailed Description

A struct that describes the diff of an item.

Passed to svn_diff_summarize_func_t.

Fields may be added to the end of this structure in future versions. Therefore, users shouldn't allocate structures of this type, to preserve binary compatibility.
New in 1.4.

Definition at line 755 of file svn_client.h.

Field Documentation

Path relative to the target.

If the target is a file, path is the empty string.

Definition at line 759 of file svn_client.h.

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