Subversion 1.6.16

File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
mod_authz_svn.h [code]Subversion authorization extensions for mod_dav_svn
mod_dav_svn.h [code]Subversion's backend for Apache's mod_dav module
svn_auth.h [code]Subversion's authentication system
svn_base64.h [code]Base64 encoding and decoding functions
svn_checksum.h [code]Subversion checksum routines
svn_client.h [code]Subversion's client library
svn_cmdline.h [code]Support functions for command line programs
svn_compat.h [code]Utilities to help applications provide backwards-compatibility
svn_config.h [code]Accessing SVN configuration files
svn_ctype.h [code]Character classification routines
svn_dav.h [code]Code related to WebDAV/DeltaV usage in Subversion
svn_delta.h [code]Delta-parsing
svn_diff.h [code]Contextual diffing
svn_dirent_uri.h [code]A library to manipulate URIs and directory entries
svn_doxygen.h [code]
svn_dso.h [code]DSO loading routines
svn_error.h [code]Common exception handling for Subversion
svn_error_codes.h [code]Subversion error codes
svn_fs.h [code]Interface to the Subversion filesystem
svn_hash.h [code]Dumping and reading hash tables to/from files
svn_io.h [code]General file I/O for Subversion
svn_iter.h [code]The Subversion Iteration drivers helper routines
svn_md5.h [code]Converting and comparing MD5 checksums
svn_mergeinfo.h [code]Mergeinfo handling and processing
svn_nls.h [code]Support functions for NLS programs
svn_opt.h [code]Option and argument parsing for Subversion command lines
svn_path.h [code]A path manipulation library
svn_pools.h [code]APR pool management for Subversion
svn_props.h [code]Subversion properties
svn_quoprint.h [code]Quoted-printable encoding and decoding functions
svn_ra.h [code]Repository Access
svn_ra_svn.h [code]Libsvn_ra_svn functions used by the server
svn_repos.h [code]Tools built on top of the filesystem
svn_sorts.h [code]All sorts of sorts
svn_string.h [code]Counted-length strings for Subversion, plus some C string goodies
svn_subst.h [code]Data substitution (keywords and EOL style)
svn_time.h [code]Time/date utilities
svn_types.h [code]Subversion's data types
svn_user.h [code]Subversion's wrapper around APR's user information interface
svn_utf.h [code]UTF-8 conversion routines Whenever a conversion routine cannot convert to or from UTF-8, the error returned has code APR_EINVAL
svn_version.h [code]Version information
svn_wc.h [code]Subversion's working copy library
svn_xml.h [code]XML code shared by various Subversion libraries
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