Interface LogMessageCallback

public interface LogMessageCallback

This interface is used to receive every log message for the log messages found by a SVNClientInterface.logMessages call. All log messages are returned in a list, which is terminated by an invocation of this callback with the revision set to SVN_INVALID_REVNUM. If the includeMergedRevisions parameter to SVNClientInterface.logMessages is true, then messages returned through this callback may have the hasChildren parameter set. This parameter indicates that a separate list, which includes messages for merged revisions, will immediately follow. This list is also terminated with SVN_INVALID_REVNUM, after which the previous log message list continues. Log message lists may be nested arbitrarily deep, depending on the ancestry of the requested paths.

Method Summary
 void singleMessage(ChangePath[] changedPaths, long revision, Map revprops, boolean hasChildren)
          The method will be called for every log message.

Method Detail


void singleMessage(ChangePath[] changedPaths,
                   long revision,
                   Map revprops,
                   boolean hasChildren)
The method will be called for every log message.

changedPaths - the paths that were changed
revision - the revision of the commit
revprops - All of the requested revision properties, possibly including svn:date, svn:author, and svn:log.
hasChildren - when merge sensitive option was requested, whether or not this entry has child entries.