Class SVNUtil.DiffOptions

  extended by org.apache.subversion.javahl.SVNUtil.DiffOptions
Enclosing class:

public static class SVNUtil.DiffOptions
extends Object

Options to control the behaviour of the file diff routines.

Nested Class Summary
static class SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace
          To what extent whitespace should be ignored when comparing lines.
Field Summary
 int contextSize
 boolean ignoreEolStyle
 SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace
 boolean showCFunction
Constructor Summary
SVNUtil.DiffOptions(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace, boolean ignoreEolStyle, boolean showCFunction)
SVNUtil.DiffOptions(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace, boolean ignoreEolStyle, boolean showCFunction, int contextSize)
          Like the #DiffOptions(IgnoreSpace,boolean,boolean), but with an additional parameter.
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public final SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace


public final boolean ignoreEolStyle


public final boolean showCFunction


public final int contextSize
Constructor Detail


public SVNUtil.DiffOptions(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace,
                           boolean ignoreEolStyle,
                           boolean showCFunction)
ignoreSpace - Whether and how to ignore space differences in the files. The default is SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace.none.
ignoreEolStyle - Whether to treat all end-of-line markers the same when comparing lines. The default is false.
showCFunction - Whether the "@@" lines of the unified diff output should include a prefix of the nearest preceding line that starts with a character that might be the initial character of a C language identifier. The default is false.


public SVNUtil.DiffOptions(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace,
                           boolean ignoreEolStyle,
                           boolean showCFunction,
                           int contextSize)
Like the #DiffOptions(IgnoreSpace,boolean,boolean), but with an additional parameter.

contextSize - If this is greater than 0, then this number of context lines will be used in the generated diff output. Otherwise the legacy compile time default will be used.