Class Info2

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Info2
extends Object
implements Serializable
this class is returned by SVNClientInterface.info2 and contains information about items in the repository or working copy
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Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • Info2

      public Info2​(Info aInfo)
      A backward-compat constructor.
  • Method Details

    • getPath

      public String getPath()
      return the path of the item
    • getUrl

      public String getUrl()
      return the url of the item
    • getRev

      public long getRev()
      return the revision of the item
    • getKind

      public int getKind()
      return the item kinds (see NodeKind)
    • getReposRootUrl

      public String getReposRootUrl()
      return the root URL of the repository
    • getReposUUID

      public String getReposUUID()
      return the UUID of the repository
    • getLastChangedRev

      public long getLastChangedRev()
      return the revision of the last change
    • getLastChangedDate

      public Date getLastChangedDate()
      return the date of the last change
    • getLastChangedAuthor

      public String getLastChangedAuthor()
      return the author of the last change
    • getLock

      public Lock getLock()
      return the information about any lock (may be null)
    • isHasWcInfo

      public boolean isHasWcInfo()
      return the flag if the working copy fields are set
    • getSchedule

      public int getSchedule()
      return the scheduled operation at next commit (see ScheduleKind)
    • getCopyFromUrl

      public String getCopyFromUrl()
      return if the item was copied, the source url
    • getCopyFromRev

      public long getCopyFromRev()
      return if the item was copied, the source rev
    • getTextTime

      public Date getTextTime()
      return the last time the item was changed
    • getPropTime

      public Date getPropTime()
      return the last time the properties of the items were changed
    • getChecksum

      public String getChecksum()
      return the checksum of the item
    • getConflictOld

      public String getConflictOld()
      return if the item is in conflict, the filename of the base version file
    • getConflictNew

      public String getConflictNew()
      return if the item is in conflict, the filename of the last repository version file
    • getConflictWrk

      public String getConflictWrk()
      return if the item is in conflict, the filename of the working copy version file
    • getPrejfile

      public String getPrejfile()
      return the property reject file
    • getChangelistName

      public String getChangelistName()
      The name of the changelist.
    • getWorkingSize

      public long getWorkingSize()
      The size of the file after being translated into its local representation, or -1 if unknown. Not applicable for directories.
    • getReposSize

      public long getReposSize()
      The size of the file in the repository (untranslated, e.g. without adjustment of line endings and keyword expansion). Only applicable for file -- not directory -- URLs. For working copy paths, size will be -1.
      New in 1.5.
    • getDepth

      public int getDepth()
      The depth of the directory or null if the item is a file.
      New in 1.5.
    • getConflictDescriptor

      public ConflictDescriptor getConflictDescriptor()
      the tree conflict of which this node is a victim, or null if none
      New in 1.6.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
      A string representation of this info.