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public class Info
extends Object
implements Serializable
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Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • Info

      public Info​(String path, String wcroot, String url, long rev, NodeKind kind, String reposRootUrl, String reposUUID, long lastChangedRev, long lastChangedDate, String lastChangedAuthor, Lock lock, boolean hasWcInfo, Info.ScheduleKind schedule, String copyFromUrl, long copyFromRev, long textTime, Checksum checksum, String changelistName, long workingSize, long reposSize, Depth depth, Set<ConflictDescriptor> conflict)
      constructor to build the object by native code. See fields for parameters
      path -
      wcroot -
      url -
      rev -
      kind -
      reposRootUrl -
      reposUUID -
      lastChangedRev -
      lastChangedDate -
      lastChangedAuthor -
      lock -
      hasWcInfo -
      schedule -
      copyFromUrl -
      copyFromRev -
      textTime -
      checksum -
      depth -
      treeConflict -
  • Method Details

    • getPath

      public String getPath()
      return the path of the item
    • getWcroot

      public String getWcroot()
      return the workgin copy root
    • getUrl

      public String getUrl()
      return the url of the item
    • getRev

      public long getRev()
      return the revision of the item
    • getKind

      public NodeKind getKind()
      return the item kinds (see NodeKind)
    • getReposRootUrl

      public String getReposRootUrl()
      return the root URL of the repository
    • getReposUUID

      public String getReposUUID()
      return the UUID of the repository
    • getLastChangedRev

      public long getLastChangedRev()
      return the revision of the last change
    • getLastChangedDate

      public Date getLastChangedDate()
      return the date of the last change
    • getLastChangedDateMicros

      public long getLastChangedDateMicros()
      Returns the last date the item was changed measured in the number of microseconds since 00:00:00 January 1, 1970 UTC.
      the last time the item was changed.
    • getLastChangedAuthor

      public String getLastChangedAuthor()
      return the author of the last change
    • getLock

      public Lock getLock()
      return the information about any lock (may be null)
    • isHasWcInfo

      public boolean isHasWcInfo()
      return the flag if the working copy fields are set
    • getSchedule

      public Info.ScheduleKind getSchedule()
      return the scheduled operation at next commit (see ScheduleKind)
    • getCopyFromUrl

      public String getCopyFromUrl()
      return if the item was copied, the source url
    • getCopyFromRev

      public long getCopyFromRev()
      return if the item was copied, the source rev
    • getTextTime

      public Date getTextTime()
      return the last time the item was changed
    • getChecksum

      public Checksum getChecksum()
      return the checksum of the item
    • getChangelistName

      public String getChangelistName()
      The name of the changelist.
    • getWorkingSize

      public long getWorkingSize()
      The size of the file after being translated into its local representation, or -1 if unknown. Not applicable for directories.
    • getReposSize

      public long getReposSize()
      The size of the file in the repository (untranslated, e.g. without adjustment of line endings and keyword expansion). Only applicable for file -- not directory -- URLs. For working copy paths, size will be -1.
    • getDepth

      public Depth getDepth()
      The depth of the directory or null if the item is a file.
    • getConflicts

      public Set<ConflictDescriptor> getConflicts()
      the tree conflict of which this node is a victim, or null if none
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
      A string representation of this info.