Data Fields
svn_repos_parse_fns2_t Struct Reference

A vtable that is driven by svn_repos_parse_dumpstream2(). More...

#include <svn_repos.h>

Data Fields

svn_error_t *(* new_revision_record )(void **revision_baton, apr_hash_t *headers, void *parse_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.new_revision_record. More...
svn_error_t *(* uuid_record )(const char *uuid, void *parse_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.uuid_record. More...
svn_error_t *(* new_node_record )(void **node_baton, apr_hash_t *headers, void *revision_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.new_node_record. More...
svn_error_t *(* set_revision_property )(void *revision_baton, const char *name, const svn_string_t *value)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_revision_property. More...
svn_error_t *(* set_node_property )(void *node_baton, const char *name, const svn_string_t *value)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_node_property. More...
svn_error_t *(* delete_node_property )(void *node_baton, const char *name)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.delete_node_property. More...
svn_error_t *(* remove_node_props )(void *node_baton)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.remove_node_props. More...
svn_error_t *(* set_fulltext )(svn_stream_t **stream, void *node_baton)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_fulltext. More...
svn_error_t *(* apply_textdelta )(svn_txdelta_window_handler_t *handler, void **handler_baton, void *node_baton)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.apply_textdelta. More...
svn_error_t *(* close_node )(void *node_baton)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.close_node. More...
svn_error_t *(* close_revision )(void *revision_baton)
 Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.close_revision. More...

Detailed Description

A vtable that is driven by svn_repos_parse_dumpstream2().

Similar to svn_repos_parse_fns3_t except that it lacks the magic_header_record callback.

Provided for backward compatibility with the 1.7 API.

Definition at line 3953 of file svn_repos.h.

Field Documentation

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::apply_textdelta) (svn_txdelta_window_handler_t *handler, void **handler_baton, void *node_baton)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.apply_textdelta.

Definition at line 3986 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::close_node) (void *node_baton)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.close_node.

Definition at line 3990 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::close_revision) (void *revision_baton)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.close_revision.

Definition at line 3992 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::delete_node_property) (void *node_baton, const char *name)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.delete_node_property.

Definition at line 3978 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::new_node_record) (void **node_baton, apr_hash_t *headers, void *revision_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.new_node_record.

Definition at line 3965 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::new_revision_record) (void **revision_baton, apr_hash_t *headers, void *parse_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.new_revision_record.

Definition at line 3956 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::remove_node_props) (void *node_baton)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.remove_node_props.

Definition at line 3981 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::set_fulltext) (svn_stream_t **stream, void *node_baton)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_fulltext.

Definition at line 3983 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::set_node_property) (void *node_baton, const char *name, const svn_string_t *value)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_node_property.

Definition at line 3974 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::set_revision_property) (void *revision_baton, const char *name, const svn_string_t *value)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.set_revision_property.

Definition at line 3970 of file svn_repos.h.

svn_error_t*(* svn_repos_parse_fns2_t::uuid_record) (const char *uuid, void *parse_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)

Same as svn_repos_parse_fns3_t.uuid_record.

Definition at line 3961 of file svn_repos.h.

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