Data Fields

A node in the repository. More...

#include <svn_repos.h>

Data Fields

svn_node_kind_t kind
 Node type (file, dir, etc.)
char action
 How this node entered the node tree: 'A'dd, 'D'elete, 'R'eplace.
svn_boolean_t text_mod
 Were there any textual mods? (files only)
svn_boolean_t prop_mod
 Where there any property mods?
const char * name
 The name of this node as it appears in its parent's entries list.
svn_revnum_t copyfrom_rev
 The filesystem revision where this was copied from (if any)
const char * copyfrom_path
 The filesystem path where this was copied from (if any)
struct svn_repos_node_tsibling
 Pointer to the next sibling of this node.
struct svn_repos_node_tchild
 Pointer to the first child of this node.
struct svn_repos_node_tparent
 Pointer to the parent of this node.

Detailed Description

A node in the repository.

Definition at line 2966 of file svn_repos.h.

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