Data Fields
svn_lock_t Struct Reference

A lock object, for client & server to share. More...

#include <svn_types.h>

Data Fields

const char * path
 the path this lock applies to
const char * token
 unique URI representing lock
const char * owner
 the username which owns the lock
const char * comment
 (optional) description of lock

svn_boolean_t is_dav_comment
 was comment made by generic DAV client?
apr_time_t creation_date
 when lock was made
apr_time_t expiration_date
 (optional) when lock will expire; If value is 0, lock will never expire.

Detailed Description

A lock object, for client & server to share.

A lock represents the exclusive right to add, delete, or modify a path. A lock is created in a repository, wholly controlled by the repository. A "lock-token" is the lock's UUID, and can be used to learn more about a lock's fields, and or/make use of the lock. Because a lock is immutable, a client is free to not only cache the lock-token, but the lock's fields too, for convenience.

Note that the 'is_dav_comment' field is wholly ignored by every library except for mod_dav_svn. The field isn't even marshalled over the network to the client. Assuming lock structures are created with apr_pcalloc(), a default value of 0 is universally safe.

in the current implementation, only files are lockable.
New in 1.2.

Definition at line 1108 of file svn_types.h.

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