Data Fields
svn_dirent_t Struct Reference

A general subversion directory entry. More...

#include <svn_types.h>

Data Fields

svn_node_kind_t kind
 node kind
svn_filesize_t size
 length of file text, otherwise SVN_INVALID_FILESIZE
svn_boolean_t has_props
 does the node have props?
svn_revnum_t created_rev
 last rev in which this node changed
apr_time_t time
 time of created_rev (mod-time)
const char * last_author
 author of created_rev

Detailed Description

A general subversion directory entry.

To allow for extending the svn_dirent_t structure in future releases, always use svn_dirent_create() to allocate the stucture.
New in 1.6.

Definition at line 563 of file svn_types.h.

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