Data Fields
svn_client_commit_item2_t Struct Reference

The commit candidate structure. More...

#include <svn_client.h>

Data Fields

const char * path
 absolute working-copy path of item
svn_node_kind_t kind
 node kind (dir, file)
const char * url
 commit URL for this item
svn_revnum_t revision
 revision of textbase
const char * copyfrom_url
 copyfrom-url or NULL if not a copied item
svn_revnum_t copyfrom_rev
 copyfrom-rev, valid when copyfrom_url != NULL
apr_byte_t state_flags
 state flags
apr_array_header_t * wcprop_changes
 Analogous to the svn_client_commit_item3_t.incoming_prop_changes field.

Detailed Description

The commit candidate structure.

Provided for backward compatibility with the 1.4 API.

Definition at line 543 of file svn_client.h.

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