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caching configuration

Data Structures

struct  svn_cache_config_t
 Cache resource settings. More...


typedef struct svn_cache_config_t svn_cache_config_t
 Cache resource settings. More...


const svn_cache_config_tsvn_cache_config_get (void)
 Get the current cache configuration. More...
void svn_cache_config_set (const svn_cache_config_t *settings)
 Set the cache configuration. More...

Detailed Description

New in 1.7.

Typedef Documentation

Cache resource settings.

It controls what caches, in what size and how they will be created. The settings apply for the whole process.

New in 1.7.

Function Documentation

const svn_cache_config_t* svn_cache_config_get ( void  )

Get the current cache configuration.

If it has not been set, this function will return the default settings.

New in 1.7.
void svn_cache_config_set ( const svn_cache_config_t settings)

Set the cache configuration.

Please note that it may not change the actual configuration in use. Therefore, call it before reading data from any repo and call it only once.

This function is not thread-safe. Therefore, it should be called from the processes' initialization code only.

New in 1.7.