Here is a list of all modules:
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 Authentication functionsOverview of the svn authentication system
 Base64 encoding/decoding functions
 caching configuration
 Client supporting subsystemClient supporting functions
 Client working copy managementClient working copy management functions
 WC out-of-date info from the repositoryWhen the working copy item is out-of-date compared to the repository, the following fields represent the state of the youngest revision of the item in the repository
 Client session related functions
 Cached authentication dataAccessing cached authentication data in the user config area
 Basic character classification - 7-bit ASCII only
 Extended character classification
 ASCII character value constants
 ASCII-subset case folding
 Errors in svn_davThe svn-specific object that is placed within a <D:error> response
 DAV property namespacesGeneral property (xml) namespaces that will be used by both ra_dav and mod_dav_svn for marshalling properties
 Delta generation and handling
 Error creation and destructionSVN error creation and destruction
 Error groupsError groups
 Malfunctions and assertionsInternal malfunctions and assertions
 Filesystem interaction subsystem
 Filesystem information subsystem
 Hash table serialization support
 Generic byte streamsGeneric byte-streams
 Version/format filesVersion/format files
 URI/URL conversionURI/URL stuff
 Charset conversionCharset conversion stuff
 Repository relative URLsRepository relative URLs
 Properties management utilities
 Dynamically query the server's capabilities.
 Definitions of ra_svn dirent fieldsRa_svn passes svn_dirent_t fields over the wire as a list of words, these are the values used to represent each field
 ra_svn low-level functions
 Repository authorization callbacks
 Repository notifications
 Repository capabilities
 Paths to lock hooks
 Hook-sensitive wrappers for libsvn_fsroutines.
 Repository lock wrappers
 Versioned and Unversioned PropertiesProp-changing and prop-reading wrappers for libsvn_fs routines
 Data structures and editor things forrepository inspection.As it turns out, the svn_repos_replay2(), svn_repos_dir_delta2() and svn_repos_begin_report3() interfaces can be extremely useful for examining the repository, or more exactly, changes to the repository
 Dumping, loading and verifying filesystem dataThe filesystem 'dump' format contains nothing but the abstract structure of the filesystem – independent of any internal node-id schema or database back-end
 String handling
 APR Array Compatibility Helper MacrosThese macros are provided by APR itself from version 1.3
 APR Hash Table HelpersThese functions enable the caller to dereference an APR hash table index without type casts or temporary variables
 Dirent fieldsIt is sometimes convenient to indicate which parts of an svn_dirent_t object you are actually interested in, so that calculating and sending the data corresponding to the other fields can be avoided
 Keyword definitionsKeyword substitution
 Node location segment reporting.
 Working copy management