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Apache Subversion Releases

The Apache Subversion project publishes releases with a relatively high degree of regularity. At any given time, we're working towards our next major release while continuing to fix bugs in previous releases. Subversion's release compatibility promises make adoption of our bugfix releases easy — you'll find very few, if any, surprises in those kinds of releases in terms of features and functionality. As such, the release notes issued for a given major release (an X.Y.0 release) remain applicable for patch releases to that release line (an X.Y.Z release). You can find links to these release notes below.

Over time and as new major releases come out, we drop official support for older release lines. You'll also find below the project's official support status for the various release lines available.

Release Notes

Here are the release notes for the major Subversion releases:

For a more complete (albeit less descriptive) list of changes made in individual releases, see the CHANGES file.

For a detailed history of every release, please see release history.

Supported Versions

Version Support Details
1.10.x Fully supported Fixes for all bugs
1.9.x Partially supported Only fixes for security issues and bugs which could cause data loss
1.8.x and earlier No longer supported