Interface StatusKind

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public interface StatusKind
class for kind status of the item or its properties
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static int added
    is scheduled for additon
    static int conflicted
    local mods received conflicting repos mods
    static int deleted
    scheduled for deletion
    static int external
    an unversioned path populated by an svn:externals property
    static int ignored
    a resource marked as ignored
    static int incomplete
    a directory doesn't contain a complete entries list
    static int merged
    local mods received repos mods
    static int missing
    under v.c., but is missing
    static int modified
    text or props have been modified
    static int none
    does not exist
    static int normal
    exists, but uninteresting
    static int obstructed
    an unversioned resource is in the way of the versioned resource
    static int replaced
    was deleted and then re-added
    static int unversioned
    is not a versioned thing in this wc