Class SVNUtil.DiffOptions

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public static class SVNUtil.DiffOptions
extends Object
Options to control the behaviour of the file diff routines.
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    • DiffOptions

      public DiffOptions​(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace, boolean ignoreEolStyle, boolean showCFunction)
      ignoreSpace - Whether and how to ignore space differences in the files. The default is SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace.none.
      ignoreEolStyle - Whether to treat all end-of-line markers the same when comparing lines. The default is false.
      showCFunction - Whether the "@@" lines of the unified diff output should include a prefix of the nearest preceding line that starts with a character that might be the initial character of a C language identifier. The default is false.
    • DiffOptions

      public DiffOptions​(SVNUtil.DiffOptions.IgnoreSpace ignoreSpace, boolean ignoreEolStyle, boolean showCFunction, int contextSize)
      Like the {@see #DiffOptions(IgnoreSpace,boolean,boolean)}, but with an additional parameter.
      contextSize - If this is greater than 0, then this number of context lines will be used in the generated diff output. Otherwise the legacy compile time default will be used.