Class NativeResources


public class NativeResources
extends Object
Handles activities related to management of native resouces (e.g. loading of native libraries). Public for backward compat. This class may disappear in future versions of the API. You've been warned.
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  • Method Details

    • getVersion

      public static Version getVersion()
      Version information about the underlying native libraries.
    • getRuntimeVersion

      public static RuntimeVersion getRuntimeVersion()
      Runtime version information about the loaded libsvn_client.
    • loadNativeLibrary

      public static void loadNativeLibrary()
      Load the required native library whose path is specified by the system property subversion.native.library (which can be passed to the JVM on start-up using an argument like -Dsubversion.native.library=/usr/local/lib/ If the system property is not specified or cannot be loaded, attempt to load the library using its expected name, and the platform-dependent loading mechanism.
      UnsatisfiedLinkError - If the native library cannot be loaded.
      LinkageError - If the version of the loaded native library is not compatible with this version of JavaHL's Java APIs.