Subversion 1.6.16
Data Fields

svn_wc_conflict_version_t Struct Reference

Info about one of the conflicting versions of a node. More...

#include <svn_wc.h>

Data Fields

svn_node_kind_t node_kind
 Info about this node.
Where to find this node version in a repository
const char * repos_url
 URL of repository root.
svn_revnum_t peg_rev
 revision at which to look up path_in_repos
const char * path_in_repos
 path within repos; must not start with '/'

Detailed Description

Info about one of the conflicting versions of a node.

Each field may have its respective null/invalid/unknown value if the corresponding information is not relevant or not available.

Consider making some or all of the info mandatory, to reduce complexity.
Fields may be added to the end of this structure in future versions. Therefore, to preserve binary compatibility, users should not directly allocate structures of this type.
See also:
New in 1.6.

Definition at line 1250 of file svn_wc.h.

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